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Online Microfinance Loan Guarantees: The Model of United Prosperity
March 29, 2010
“UP was launched in May 2009, and its source of innovation lies in the proposed business model.”

United Prosperity’s Powerful Upgrade to the Microfinance Model
March 19, 2010
“This Bay Area organization is new, but the ideas driving the model are some of the most exciting to exist in microfinance today”

Giving a hand up, not a handout
January 4, 2010
“United Prosperity used the same concept to double the funds. Based on that guarantee, the bank makes a bigger loan to the microfinancial institution and eventually to the borrowers. If you give one dollar, you make two dollars available. And you get your money back.”

United Prosperity
October 23, 2009
“Hot on the heels of websites such as Kiva, summer 2009 saw the launch of United Prosperity..”

Fighting poverty through microloan guarantees
August 27, 2009
“One to partner with, emulate, or otherwise get involved in...”

United Prosperity: A website that doubles impact of microloans
August 26, 2009
“Here is another innovative idea in microfinance.”

June 18, 2009
“I think UnitedProsperity.org has a fantastic concept.”

April 27,2009
List of organizations impacting the world

March 28, 2009
Empower Struggling Entrepreneurs with United Prosperity

A New Spin on MFI lending
November 2, 2008
“I recently came across a company that has a great new concept ...”

RubyLearning Blog
October 23, 2008
United Prosperity and Rails to Help Billions of Small Entrepreneurs

October 21, 2008
Unitedprosperity.org - guarantee a microloan to small entrepreneur in India
“Californian non-profit United Prosperity developed a new twist to social lending - it is a peer to peer guarantee website ...”

Wokai Adventures
May 14, 2008
A new and improved Kiva?
“United Prosperity could do a lot for the 2nd tier and 3rd tied microfinance institutions that are not taking part in global capital markets for fundraising.”

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