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The gods of small things, April, 12 2010
"Usha Devi, a resident of a small village in Jharkhand, doesn’t know what Supriya Nadig looks like. What she also doesn’t know is that Nadig helped her fulfill her dream of buying benches for her one-room school in Chas, Bokaro."

Personal touch, international reach, February 2010
“..its approach of cooperating with local banks looks promising.“

Financing a silent entrepreneurial revolution, February 3,2010

Connecting guarantors to small entrepreneurs, January 29,2010

World’s first person-to-person loan guarantee website enters the field, June 22, 2009
“I’ve thought that guaranteeing loans for organizations and individuals in poor countries that have no access to credit is one of the most effective and highly leveraged ways for foundations and other social investors to use their funds.“

Computerworld blogs, February 6, 2009
Micropayment, microloan banks: banking 2.0?
“Will you soon be doing your banking, lending and borrowing through a Kiva, Grameen and United Prosperity instead of a Chase, Citi or Bank of America?“

Computerworld management, March 9, 2009
How technology built the microfinance industry?
"Bhalchander Vishwanath plans to operate in the global financial markets..."

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