Investor Profile Jacob Stern
Location: New Haven, CT
Why is helping entrepreneurs important for me?
I learned about microfinance in a Latin American Economic Development class I took in college. I found it incredibly interesting and compelling. I think giving people the opportunity to climb out of poverty and provide for their family is both compassionate and noble. I want to contribute on a personal level, but also by spreading the word to others who aren't familiar with microfinance.
About me
I'm from New Haven, CT and went to school at UW-Madison. I got a BA in psychology, but I walked away with a deep interest in economic development. I plan to go to law school, and am drawn torwards international law and public interest law. Deep down, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and hope to start up my own company some day. For fun, I play basketball and golf, try new foods and cook.
Sharma Devi and 4 entrepreneurs, Jeetjori
Deoghar , India
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K. Rajeswary
Nawala , Sri Lanka
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