Fulva Devi and four entrepreneurs, Baldih
Loan requested $909.71
Loan issued $909.71
Funds raised $500.34
Funds released $0.00
Sector Services
Repayment term in months 18.0

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About Fulva Devi and four entrepreneurs, Baldih

Fulva Devi has a small tailoring business at her home and she wants to buy another sewing machine as the customers are growing large, hence she has applied for a micro loan. She has four family members including two daughters. Her monthly income is Rs 2500/-(USD56). She is the group leader who organizes monthly meetings and ensures all repayments are made on time. Bimla Devi (Photo 2) has a dairy farm. She supplies milk to local tea stalls, restaurants and individuals. Demand for milk is growing day to day, hence she wants to buy some buffaloes. Therefore she has applied for a micro loan. She has seven members in there family including four sons and one daughter. One of the sons helps her in the business. Her monthly income is Rs 3500/-(USD78). In the group photograph, Prabha Devi sitting first from left earns a living by stitching clothes. As she has only one sewing machine, she is unable to meet the demands of her customers. As a result, she wants to buy two sewing machines and hire two people. In order to buy the two sewing machines, she has applied for a micro-loan. She has five family members including one son and one daughter. She has an aspiration to make her son a doctor. Her monthly income is Rs3000/-(USD33). Asha Devi has a small fast food stall which she runs with her husband. She wants to expand her business as the customers are increasing day to day hence she has applied for a micro loan. She has four members in there family including one son and one daughter. Her monthly income is Rs 4500/-(USD100). Sunaina Devi runs a small tailoring business with her husband at her home. She wants to move her business to the marketplace where she can attract more customers. She has applied for a micro-loan so that she can buy a sewing machine. There are five people in her family including three sons. Her monthly income is Rs 4000/-(USD88). These entrepreneurs are very dedicated and want to do good for themselves and their families. They understand the concept of Joint Liability Group. In case any member is unable to repay the micro loan, they will pay on the behalf of the member whose loan is delinquent. The entrepreneurs in the group support each other through the joint liability concept.

Partner MFI
Name: Ajiwika Society Ownership: Non-profit
Year Founded: 2006 Credit Risk Rating: Beta Plus
Partner Since: 2009 Rating Agency: M-Cril
Interest Rate: 24.0 % Delinquency Rate: 2.67 %
Target Clients: Poor, Ultra poor Default Rate: 0.0 %
Repayment overview

Total Funded Amount = $500.34
Total Loan Amount = $909.71

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Note: This chart indicates the repayment by entrepreneurs on the principal amount. The actual repayment amounts include the interest on the loan and will be different.
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