Hetalben Babulal Shrimali
Loan requested $181.82
Loan issued $181.82
Funds raised $181.82
Funds released $0.00
Sector Retail
Repayment term in months 12.0

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About Hetalben Babulal Shrimali

Hetalben is 25 years old married woman. She is involved in saree (common women wear in India) sales business. She purchases basic dress material and then prepares them with hand sewing and crafting so that they are ready to wear. Once a set of sarees is prepared, she sells those in the local city market. She also provides additional services like redesign of old sarees etc. She will utilize this loan in purchasing saree fabrics and craft material for preparing sarees. She hopes to improve her production quantity and quality which would lead her to more sales. She dreams of providing better financial support to her family by growing her saree design and sales business. Note: Government regulations in India permit our partner to repay funds sent by UnitedProsperity.org only after 3 years. On the other hand many individual lenders like to get repaid sooner. To make repayments to individual lenders in line with the loan term specified on the borrower profile we will publish additional borrower profiles and the funds raised for these borrowers will be used for making repayments to lenders who had funded borrowers in previous months. In case we are unable to raise funds in time for the additional borrower profiles, then the repayments to lenders could get delayed by a few months in certain cases and upto a maximum of 3 years. We want you to be aware of the risk of delayed repayment for loans from India. The delayed repayment risk gets mitigated if there are new lenders coming to fund loans. Hence please invite your friends and family to join you in lending.

Partner MFI
Name: Prayas Year Founded: 1997
Partner Since: 2013 Interest Rate: 26.0 %
Target Clients: Women and Socio-economically deprived
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Total Funded Amount = $181.82
Total Loan Amount = $181.82

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