Umrawati Devi and Group, KurmideehI
Loan requested $871.65
Loan issued $871.65
Funds raised $479.41
Funds released $0.00
Sector Livestock
Repayment term in months 18.0

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About Umrawati Devi and Group, KurmideehI

Umrawati Devi has a dairy farm. She has many customers and her daughter helps her milk the cows. Because of this, her daughter cannot go to school. She has applied for a micro-loan to buy cows and hire one person. She wants to expand her business so that she can improve her livelihood and can send her daughter to school. She has five family members, and her monthly income is Rs.3,000/-. She is the group leader, so she organizes monthly meetings and ensures that all repayments are made on time. Lami Menan (photo 2) has a small tailoring shop in her house. She wants to move the shop to the marketplace, where she can attract more customers. In order to move her shop and to furnish it, she has applied for a micro-loan. She lives in a joint family and has to take care of their needs. She hopes to increase her monthly income so that she can fulfill their needs. Soni Kumari, sitting first in the left in the group photo, stitches very well and has earned a good reputation. She has one son and one daughter, and her monthly income is Rs.3,000/-. Both she and her husband want their children to have a bright future. In spite of their low income, she is quite ambitious. She has applied for a micro-loan for her tailoring business. With this, she hopes to improve her standard of living, meet the growing needs of her family, and give her children a proper education and upbringing. In the group photo Umrawati Devi is sitting next to her. Tara Devi is sitting next to Umrawati Devi. She has four family members, including two sons. She owns an electronics shop and both of her sons are involved in that business. Presently, her monthly income is Rs.3,500. She has applied for a micro-loan for her electronics shops with which she will purchase upgraded electronic products for her shop. This will allow her to meet the demands of her customers and will also improve her family’s standard of living. Lami Menan is sitting second from the right. Rinki Pandey, sitting first from the right, has a tailoring business. Though she has a lot of demand from customers, she is unable to handle it alone. In order to meet the increased demand of her customers, she wants to buy two stitching machine and hire two people. She has applied for a micro-loan for her tailoring business. She hopes to cater to the needs of her clients and improve her standard of living so that she can give a better future to her children. These entrepreneurs are very dedicated and want to do well not only for themselves but also for their families. They understand the concept of a Joint Liability Group. If any member of the group is unable to repay their micro-loan, the other members will pay on the behalf of the member whose loan is delinquent.

Partner MFI
Name: Ajiwika Society Ownership: Non-profit
Year Founded: 2006 Credit Risk Rating: Beta Plus
Partner Since: 2009 Rating Agency: M-Cril
Interest Rate: 24.0 % Delinquency Rate: 2.67 %
Target Clients: Poor, Ultra poor Default Rate: 0.0 %
Repayment overview

Total Funded Amount = $479.41
Total Loan Amount = $871.65

Repayment Overview chart

Note: This chart indicates the repayment by entrepreneurs on the principal amount. The actual repayment amounts include the interest on the loan and will be different.
Progress Report
  Date: Dec 15, 2009

Umrawati Devi and her group members received a loan of Rs.8000/- each. Umrawati Devi has a dairy farm. After taking loan she has purchased two cows and hired one person to take care of the cows. Now she is able to supply milk to more customers. Due to increase in customers her income has also increased. Now she earns Rs.4500/- per month. This has made her life a little better.

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