Ajiwika Society

Partner Profile
Ajiwika is a Section 25 Not-for-Profit Company promoted by Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support (NEEDS) a public charitable trust founded in 1997. It is the first Microfinance Institution in Jharkhand State in India. Ajiwika is operating in one of India's poorest regions where over 80% of potential clients are unserved and where few Microfinance institutions operate. At present Ajiwika offers microcredit and insurance for its target clients. Ajiwika is led by its CEO,Mr. Tanay Chakravarty, who is also one of the founders. He has an in-depth understanding of microfinance and has about 24 years of experience in developmental activities which include education, livelihood, training and poverty alleviation. He has been selected as a visionary leader by the David & Lucile Packard Foundation. Ajiwika is governed by an eight-member Board. Mr. Tanay Chakravarty is the executive board member. Mr. Murari Choudhury, the Executive Director of NEEDS, is also on Board of Ajiwika. The other six board members hold diverse experience in the field of development, banking and Microfinance.

About Our Partner
Our Partner: Ajiwika Society   Website: http://www.ajiwika.org
Inception Year: 2006   Partner Since: 2009
Total Lending: $129557.45   Credit Risk Rating: Beta Plus
Delinquency Rate: 2.67%   Default Rate: 0.0%
Target Clients: Poor, Ultra poor   Ownership Structure: Non-profit
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